Meet your team of 4 professional candidates!

A message from the “Mervin 2020” Candidates for the open seats on the RM of Mervin Council:

First and foremost, we want to see transparent and accountable governance in the Municipality for all property owners. Each of us has deep roots in the Municipality, a diverse background of experience, and wants to ensure that the views of every property owner are respected and heard. With the diversity of agriculture, oil industry, lake & seasonal residents, retirees, and more all calling the RM of Mervin home, we strive to be a strong Council that can focus that diversity and move the Municipality forward.

When asked “what do you want your local government to do for you?”, most property owners say they want good roads to drive on, reasonable taxes, the right to use and enjoy their property and that their property does not devalue through extra regulations. It is the responsibility of municipal government to ensure that those concerns are understood, and that any decisions that may affect ratepayers be done in consultation together; Council must be open and accountable to all the ratepayers of the municipality.

We are asking for your support in the upcoming Municipal Election on November 9, 2020 and welcome your questions or concerns.

Gerry Ritz for Reeve

Gerry has owned a quarter section by Brightsand Lake since 1999 and has been a full-time resident in the Municipality for 17 years. As Member of Parliament for this area for 20 years and Minister of Agriculture for 8 years, Gerry knows the workings of government first-hand. His deep roots and unfailing commitment to Agriculture give him an in-depth understanding of the rural community. Gerry has had ties to the oil industry since his early years as a heavy machine operator and trucking in the oil patch. Gerry has never shied away from controversy or making difficult decisions and has the expertise and experience to help move the RM of Mervin forward.

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Robert Ballantyne for Division 1

Robert has raised purebred cattle for 50 years and has exported cattle to many countries and states. He is a respected international cattle judge. Agriculture and community involvement have been his life’s work. He understands the importance of strong policy and process, and the value of having a variety of perspectives so that everyone is heard, understood and respected.

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Ken Hergott for Division 3

Ken’s background of 40 years in the Grain Industry in asset management, leadership development, health and safety, and general day-to-day operations give him a solid backing to represent Division 3 and help move the RM of Mervin into a sustainable future, ensuring it is inclusive of all and that everyone’s voices are heard. Ken has owned property at Sunset View on Turtle Lake for 36 years and has made it his full-time home for the past 13 years.

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Dave Krywchuk for Division 5

Dave was raised in the area and family still farms in the Municipality. Dave was a seasonal resident of Brightsand Lake for 45 years during his busy Engineering career. He now lives full-time on the west side of the lake. Dave owns a quarter section of farmland near the lake and helps local farmers with seeding and harvest. Dave wants to see a long-term vision to preserve the beautiful natural resources of this municipality while also enhancing our economic advantage.

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