Governance & Administrative Issues

  • The Municipal Government Act (MGA) in Saskatchewan sets out rules on when a Council can go in camera (meaning no public in the meeting). The RM of Mervin Council has gone in camera far too many times in recent years, always citing strategic planning.
  • Most municipalities have a clear set of key priorities in which they typically engage the public which is then laid out in a Strategic Plan. The RM of Mervin website does not show a Strategic Plan, nor have they engaged the public on this plan.
  • After Jan 1, 2024, no RV will be permitted on a lot unless a permitted residence exists on the lot or one is under construction. There is still some need for clarification of the bylaw with respect to RVs as the FAQ documentation published by the RM has more detail and addresses more issues than the bylaw leading to uncertainty.
  • MGA 119 (3) Everyone has the right to be present at council meetings and while most municipalities across the Country have set up for the public to attend Council meetings virtually during COVID-19, the RM of Mervin has refused to allow this.
  • The RM has approved a Safety Codes Officer with no publicly available schedule of penalties.
  • Based on RM policy and bylaws, there are even restrictions on putting tents on your lake property.
  • The MGA also sets out the timelines for the posting of Council Agendas and Meeting Minutes, however the RM of Mervin refuses to consistently post these on their website, again making rate payers question the accountability. In adherence to the minimal standards of the MGA, rate payers can go into the RM office and request these documents.

The next election after 2020 is 2024. In 2024, RVs will no longer be allowed on a property without a permanent structure. 2024 will be too late to change the RV Bylaw, this election is your only chance to make a change!

Learn about voting or becoming a candidate in the upcoming election: